Gold In 2022- Very Bullish Chart Patterns Developing


Chris Vermeulen of joins Dave Russell to discuss charts that could help us interpret future moves in the gold and silver market. In this episode, we look at stock markets, bond markets, cryptocurrencies, oil prices, and of course precious metals.

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Why Buy Gold In 2022
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10-01-2022 1800.55 1794.20 1324.66 1325.38 1589.35 1588.41
07-01-2022 1792.20 1792.60 1322.82 1321.50 1584.30 1581.79
06-01-2022 1804.95 1789.35 1333.68 1322.15 1595.03 1580.71
05-01-2022 1818.50 1826.25 1342.96 1347.96 1607.37 1610.94
04-01-2022 1809.05 1811.40 1339.60 1339.17 1600.47 1604.90

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