PRE-IPO Stocks

Why invest in pre-IPOs?

Consider Alibaba:

Widely regarded among the top unicorns in the last decade. In September of 2014, it was able to raise $25 billion for its IPO. It now has about $180 billion in assets and is often referred to as the Amazon of China.

There are numerous articles that refer to some variation of: “If you had invested $X at the Alibaba IPO, you would have $Y now.” But, the real question is, what would happen if you had invested in the Alibaba pre-IPO.

That’s how Singapore-based venture capitalist Ozi Amanat made millions in just one day: he purchased a $35 million block of Alibaba’s pre-IPO shares in 2014 for less than $60 per share, then, on the first day of trading, earned a 50% return when the stock price closed near 90%.


Make Excellent Returns!


Clearly, all investors—even casual ones—should know about pre-IPOs and consider them as alternative investments. Their valuations could be deeply discounted prices and if they go public you have the potential to sell your pre-IPO shares for a profit within months after a company goes public. They may help offset any of the potential risks of investing in pre-IPOs, making them a boon to your portfolio.

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