SAVING THE BEAUTY | Pop It Jail | Dinocore Cartoon | Poppy Playtime Animation | Animation Films

SAVING THE BEAUTY | Pop It Jail | Dinocore Cartoon | Poppy Playtime Animation | Animation Films

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★ Character introduction
– Rex: Carefree / Optimistic / Outgoing
Rex likes to behave on his curiosity to assume by way of.
Too excited to out of the blue develop into Dino Grasp, who can save the world, he fights Darkno with the assistance of his associates and DinoCores.

– John: Good / Dedication / Loyal
John is a strolling dictionary of dinosaurs. He analyzed Darkno’s Darkish Mech Dino to assist Rex defeat them efficiently.

– Emily: Candy / Passionate / Enthusiastic
Emily has at all times supported Rex. She needs to assist him develop into an ideal Dino Grasp.

– Darkno: Merciless / Ambition / Greed
A monster that yearns for Dino Tuner and desires of conquering the universe.

– Kaya: Thriller
Darkno’s associate, who shares the identical ambitions of dominating the universe.
She works as a secret archaeologist to trace down Rex.

Tyranno Core: Loyal / Dependable
(Aspect: Fireplace, Talent: Assault)
The top of DinoCores. He teaches Rex methods to use Dino Tuner.

– Saber Core: Affordable / Cussed
(Aspect: Electrical, Talent: Pace)
Saber discovered it troublesome to just accept Rex as the brand new Dino Grasp.

– Stego Core: Tolerant / Form
(Elemental: Earth, Expertise: Maintain Gravity)
He was confused between Tyranno and Saber’s completely different attitudes in direction of Rex.

– Dino Buster
(D-Buster / Mega D-Buster / Extremely D-Buster)
The DinoCores will be mixed with different Mech Dinos.
Robots have completely different abilities and strengths relying on their parts.

– Mech Dino
Darkish Mech Dino: Mech Dino is possessed by the Darkish power of Darkno.
Mech Dino: Darkish Mech Dino should be purified again to Mech Dino.
Disk Dino: Mech Dino will be was disc and utilized in battle.

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