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Jake Gardner

Jake Gardner helps businesses execute efficiently by developing systems and processes to accomplish their overall goal of creating excited clients, excellent company culture, and explosive revenue growth.

Over the last 15 years, his experience touched on all aspects of business operations, including developing a go-to-market strategy, sales, business development, finances, client services, and corporate development.

In 2019, he sold Rtk.io and advertising technology company to Magnite (Rubicon Project). RTK.io went from $0 to 8 figures, with 85 clients and 30 people across five offices in 4 countries. His latest ventures include Flying Rhino, a venture capital fund focused on Pre-IPO stocks, an Opportunity Zone Real Estate Fund, and a gold and silver eCommerce business. 

Jordon Trice

Jordon Trice serves as managing director of Daikon Asset Management, LLC which is the manager of Daikon Fund, LLC a hedge fund of funds in the longevity space.

Concurrently, Mr. Trice services as managing director, sole manager and member of Alternative Consulting, LLC. At Alternative Consulting, Mr. Trice provides various consulting services stemming from developing due diligence criteria for potential investors, to connecting potential companies to potential private capital resources.

Prior to starting Alternative Consulting, Mr. Trice served as vice president of business development for Resolute Capital Partners, LTD. While employed with Resolute Capital Partners, a private equity firm in the alternative investment space, Mr. Trice assisted the firm in raising tens of millions of dollars to be deployed in various projects.

Additionally, Mr. Trice focused more on the institutional side of the business and working with large producers. Before private equity, Mr. Trice worked in a more retail fashion at a number of financial institutions from large firms like Wells Fargo to mortgage institutions and boutique investment shops.

Anthony Sims

Prior to joining Wealth Perpetual, Anthony served as General Manager and Head of Sales at 401k Depot and T3 Direct Marketing.

While at 401k Depot and T3 Direct Marketing.  Anthony specialized within the industries of 401k Advisors, Wealth Managers, and Insurance Brokers. Working closely with advisors and brokers, Anthony helped grow their book of business by implementing strategic marketing campaigns utilizing his expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Networking, and unique custom-tailored Outbound Campaigns.

When he’s not playing competitive basketball or going to the beach with his wife and 2 children, Anthony thrives to learn about other cultures, listening to music, and enjoying different types of foods. Anthony has a passion for furthering his knowledge and education through reading and taking random courses at the local college.

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