Wealth Perpetual System

Utilize a uniquely designed life insurance policy that allows you to:

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Wealth Perpetual System

Wealth Perpetual System shows us that every life insurance policy should:

A life insurance policy designed to perfection must be flawless in its construction.


The establishment of a Wealth Perpetual system requires a minimum monthly contribution of $500 or an annual contribution of $6,000. By doing so, you can gain instant access to 70-90% of your funds, providing a reliable and efficient means of managing your wealth.


By achieving a $50,000 account balance, you can earn a tax-free return of 3-6%, a feat that has been achieved and maintained for over 160 years.


Enjoy the benefits of tax-free borrowing with a low-interest rate of 2-3%, all while earning a simultaneous tax-free return of 3-6%. Plus, you can write off the interest cost on your taxes, making this a highly advantageous option for managing your finances.


Leverage your borrowed funds to invest in cash flow opportunities or pay down debt, allowing you to earn an impressive return of 8-12% through saved interest or cash flow. With the ability to pay back your policy loan using your generated cash flow, you can repeat this process to continue generating returns and improving your financial position.

A generic policy is insufficient for the Wealth Perpetual system task.

For the first two to three years of an ordinary life insurance policy, the cash value is almost non-existent.

The performance will be extremely poor.

Borrowing will not be encouraged.

The agent may lack understanding on how to effectively design or utilize it as a Wealth Perpetual system.

That is the reason why only 1% of life insurance policies function as a Wealth Perpetual system.

Properly designing a policy requires a precise calculation that takes into account various factors, such as selecting the right insurance company, determining the policy base premium, incorporating appropriate riders, and other subtle considerations, all of which significantly impact the effectiveness of your policy.

How does the process work?

1) Discuss

We will conduct an interview to comprehend your objectives and determine what your Wealth Perpetual system must achieve for you.

2) Apply

We will independently submit an application for your Wealth Perpetual system with the appropriate insurance companies and assist you in obtaining pre-approval to establish an account.

3) Tailored Account

We will create a personalized account that precisely fits your requirements and aligns with your financial objectives.

4) Instruct

We will provide you with precise education on how to utilize your account and aid you in implementing it.

Who can benefit from the Wealth Perpetual system?

Who can benefit from the Wealth Perpetual system?

What are the benefits for you?

The Wealth Perpetual system is an underappreciated hero in the world of investing.

You can deposit funds into the account and borrow up to 70-90% against it, all while earning tax-free compound interest of 3-6% annually.

Wealth Perpetual system is not tied to the financial market, providing you with zero risks.

Wealth Perpetual system benefits

You have the flexibility to access your funds at any time you need them.

The Wealth Perpetual system, unlike real estate, 401(k)s, and IRAs, is a life insurance policy that is supported by the money you invest in it and can be accessed at any time, all while still earning growth.